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Smart Tips for Scholarship Applications

 Start Early

  • Start searching your sophomore or junior years
  • Apply for scholarships about a year before you will actually receive the aid 
  • Get good grades
  • Be organized so that you don't waste time applying to the same scholarship twice

Prepare Yourself

  • Get involved in clubs and organizations 
  • Perform community service and keep records

Do Research

  • Figure out what separates you from everyone else 
  • Consider unique circumstances or conditions 
  • Search everywhere for scholarships

Send Away for Applications and Information

  • Contact organizations through mail to request applications 
  • Give the organizations time to select recipients, but follow up too
  • Watch out for deadlines


  • Make sure you understand all the information being requested 
  • Give yourself enough time to complete the application
  • Keep a calendar of all deadlines
  • Double check spelling and grammar
  • Give your best effort for each application


  • Do not pay any business or person to get a list of scholarships; there are too many free searches available
  • Do not pay a scholarship application fee; sometimes this is also called an “administrative fee”

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