Community Involvement

You're busy in high school, right?  You've got class schedules, grades, team sports, and lots of school sponsored extra-curricular activities.  Several reasons are listed below to add a community service project or volunteer activity to your schedule.
  • Many scholarships expect some type of community service or volunteer work to fulfill eligibilty criteria.
  • Community service projects may be used by colleges when considering applications for enrollment.
  • By choosing a project that you find interesting you can learn valuable life skills as well as life lessons.
  • Participating in community service projects can help you feel connected to your community by helping those in need.
Listed below are possible community service projects and volunteer opportunites in your area.
  • Food banks
  • Hospitals and long-term care facilities
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Animal shelters
  • Red Cross of America
  • Homeless shelters or clothes distribution centers
  • Religious organization outreach programs
  • United Way
  • Online searches may identify additional opportunities
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