Choosing a Major

Many students choose a General Studies major when they begin college because they are not yet certain what field they want to choose for a more narrowly defined major. A General Studies major can be a multidisciplinary degree program that provides career training for a wide variety of jobs. General Studies provides some students the opportunity to explore various majors without committing to a specific degree plan.

When you’re ready to choose a specific major, there are two things to think about when choosing, 1) what are your specific interests and 2) are you preparing for a specific field or job. Discuss your major with your college advisor and also talk to other students that have already made the choice you are considering. 
Changing majors is very common for most college students. As your interests change, or as you discover new strengths, you’ll be able to choose courses that reflect those changes. 
Determining a major is an important decision that will be influenced by the life and career you want to build after you leave college. A college major can move you closer to the goals you set for yourself. Research your choices, be honest with yourself, and seek wise counsel and you will help ensure you make the right, successful decision regarding your college major field of study.
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